Lina Medina

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September 23, 1933 in Ticrapo, Peru…


Ticrapo, Peru

Lina Medina was born to Tiburelo Medina and Victoria Losea.  She was the 8th of 9 children.  In April 1939 when Lina was just 5 years old she was taken through the mountains from her tiny Peruvian village to the town of Pisco.  The family didn’t leave their town for just any reason.  The journey was too perilous for that.  It was 4 hours by horse across mountain trails to get to the road where the family could get in a vehicle that would take them the rest of the way to Pisco.

But this trip was necessary as Lina’s mother had begged her husband for 3 months to take Lina to the doctor in Pisco.  Her daughter was sick and the family feared she had malaria.  When Lina’s stomach began to grow exponentially, her parents feared that she had a tumor.

Warning:  Some readers may find the following image disturbing.


Lina Medina

Lina, Tiburelo and one of Lina’s brothers arrived at the office of Dr. Geraldo Lozada.  He examined Lina.  This was a very special case.  When Senora de Benavides, the president’s wife, heard Lina’s story she sent the head of surgery of the hospital in Lima to examine Lina.  From there, Lina and Dr. Lozada were taken to Lima.

Lina did not have a tumor.  She was pregnant.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital in Lima, Lina developed a fever and could no longer walk.  Lina gave birth by c-section to a 5 pound baby boy.  At 5 years, seven months and 21 days old, Lina was the youngest person in history to ever give birth.


Lina Medina, her son and a nurse

How could this happen?  It seems that Lina was born with a rare condition called precocious puberty.  This means that she went through puberty at an extremely young age.  The average age for a girl to start going through puberty is about 10.  It was reported that Lina experienced her first menstrual cycle at approximately 2 ½ years old.  Lina had fully developed breast and sexual organs.

Tiburelo was arrested for rape and incest, but was later released because there was no evidence that he had committed any crime.  There is speculation the Lina’s uncle fathered her child or that she was raped during a festival in her village.  Lina has never revealed who was the father of her child.

Lina named her child Gerardo (after Dr. Lozada) and the two grew up as brother and sister.  It was finally revealed to Gerardo that Lina was his mother when he was 10 years old.


Lina Medina with her son and Dr. Lozada

Lina grew up and went to work for Dr. Lozada who helped both Lina and Gerardo to pay for school.  Lina married Raul Jurado in 1972.  The couple had a son in the same year.  He was 33 years younger than his brother.


Lina Medina with her husband, Raul Jurado

Gerardo died in 1979 from bone marrow disease.  Lina and her youngest son are still alive.  It was reported that she lives out her life in poverty in a small village in Peru.  She and her family refused the spotlight and never profited from her miraculous birth.


Lina Medina in 2015


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