Judith Barsi

Judith Barsi was born June 6, 1978 to József and Maria Barsi in Los Angeles, California. József and Maria were both immigrants from the Hungarian People’s Republic. They met in a restaurant in the United States. Judith Barsi Maria was determined to make her daughter an actress. Her first commercial was for Donald Duck Orange … Continue reading Judith Barsi

Meiwes/Brandes Cannibalism Tape

March 9, 2001 Bernd Brandes traveled from Berlin, Germany to Rotenburg to meet Armin Meiwes. The two had been chatting on a forum for cannibals. Bernd Brandes Armin had been obsessed with eating another person since childhood.  He placed an ad on the internet looking for someone who wished to be eaten.   Bernd responded. … Continue reading Meiwes/Brandes Cannibalism Tape