Site Update and Request for Feedback

Hello followers and new visitors!

I stepped away from the blog for a while but I’m back. I’m excited to finish some old stories and bring you some new ones very soon.

I’ve been contacted about the blog and YouTube page with some exciting inside information from someone who actually knew someone mentioned on the site and with some criticism (which is welcomed and appreciated).

Now it’s time for some feedback.

I’m interested to know if the YouTube videos are working for you guys. I’ve been using voice to text narration to maintain my anonymity, but it seems that some people don’t care for it.

So, here’s what I need from you:

Are you watching the videos? Their purpose is to give a summary of each week’s story for those that didn’t have time to read the full blog or were interested in hearing the information instead of having to read it.

Do you like the layout of the videos? Does the narration bother you? Would you like them to contain more information? Do you think they take up too much space on the blog and are unneccessary?

I maintain this site for you and I want to know what works best.

Feel free to comment here, go to the contact form or email me at

Can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to let me know how I’m doing in all aspects of the page and I promise that I’ve got another great post coming your way very soon.

Jump in those comments and let me know what you want more information about or start a conversation.

Thank you for following and reading!


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