Jap Herron

Emily Grant Hutchings was born on January 30, 1870 in Hannibal, Missouri to Carl Schmidt and his wife. Carl was a minister and Emily's mother was a doctor. Emily and her husband, Edwin, met Mark Twain (also from Hannibal) in June 1902. Emily and Mark Twain exchanged a few letters about writing after their meeting. … Continue reading Jap Herron


Bobby Pickett and Boris Karloff

Robert "Bobby" George Pickett was born February 11, 1938 in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Growing up, he watched a lot of films at the movie theater his father managed. He became very good at impersonating famous actors, most notably, Boris Karloff.  Bobby died of leukemia in Los Angeles, California on April 25, 2007. He was 69 years … Continue reading Bobby Pickett and Boris Karloff