Mary Morris

October 12, 2000 in Houston, Texas… Mary Henderson Morris, 48 years old, left her home and headed to work at the Spring Valley Chase Bank where she was a loan officer. She never got there. Her husband, Jay Morris, tried to contact her throughout the day, but didn’t hear from her. He was getting worried.… Continue reading Mary Morris

Beverly Oliver

Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963 12:30pm A 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible limousine (code named X-100 by the Secret Service), part of a 17 vehicle procession, turned left off of Houston Street onto Elm Street next to Dealey Plaza. In the car were the driver (William Greer, a Secret Service agent), Texas Governor John Connally, his… Continue reading Beverly Oliver

Johnny Zera, part 3

This is part 3 of Johnny Zera.  Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 first! The next major suspect in the case wouldn’t come until 2009.  Daniel Acker was a swim coach at the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation Department.  An unhappy parent had reported him to his boss for showering with the male swimmers… Continue reading Johnny Zera, part 3

Johnny Zera, part 2

This is part 2 of Johnny Zera.  Be sure to read part 1 first!   Even before the news came out that the lead detective in Johnny’s case had claimed an innocent man as a suspect so that he could spend time with his mistress, other careless and negligent mistakes were made in the case.… Continue reading Johnny Zera, part 2

Johnny Zera (part 1)

February 20, 1976 in Franklin, Wisconsin… John and Janice Zera and their sons had been living in the small town of Franklin for less than a year.  They had moved from Milwaukee.  Phil, Johnny and Mark were 13, 14 and 15 years old. The two older boys went to Franklin High School. Most of the… Continue reading Johnny Zera (part 1)

Gloria Ramirez

She was admitted to the emergency room for rapid heartrate and irregular breathing… Her name was Gloria Ramirez but from February 19, 1994 on, she would be known as the “Toxic Lady.” Ramirez was a 31 year old mother of two who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She was taken to Riverside General Hospital… Continue reading Gloria Ramirez

Joan Risch

“Mommy is gone and the kitchen is covered with red paint.” [1] This statement triggered the investigation into the disappearance of an attractive 1960s housewife named Joan Risch. Lincoln, Massachusetts on October 24, 1961…  here is a breakdown of the day… 6:50am-Martin Risch, an executive for the Fitchburg Paper Company, left his home for a… Continue reading Joan Risch