Jamison Family Deaths

The Jamison Family lived in Eufaula, Oklahoma. The family consisted of Bobby Jamison, his wife, Sherilynn, and their daughter, Madyson. Sherilynn’s son, Colton, had lived with the family until 2009 when he went to live with his father in Oklahoma City.

The Jamisons

The Jamison’s were strange and neighbors stayed away from them. They had taken Madyson out of school and may have pressed charges against the school.

Bobby attended church while Sherilynn believed in Wicca. He confided in his pastor that he believed that the family home was haunted. He asked where he could purchase bullets to kill the spirits. Bobby also told the pastor that Madyson spoke to two of the spirits named Emily and Michael.

Sherilynn was convinced that neighbors had killed her cats. She spray painted the side of a storage container in their yard. It said, “Witches don’t like there black cat killed.”

Bobby and Sherilynn

Some, including Sherilynn’s mother, believed that the couple had ties to a cult. Anton LaVey’s Satanic bible was found in the family’s home. Some say that Bobby and Sherilynn had both read it. Others say that Sherilynn had bought it as a joke.

There may have been trouble in Bobby and Sherilynn’s marriage. An eleven page letter was discovered that Sherilynn had written her husband detailing his faults and telling him that she wanted a divorce. It is unknown if Bobby received the letter.

Someone close to Sherilynn said that she often wrote to calm down and relieve stress. The letter may have been her way of getting her frustration out so that she wouldn’t fight with Bobby.

The Jamisons had an active restraining order filed with the court against Bob Jamison, Bobby’s father. The order stated that Bob had threatened to kill the family. It also said that Bob was involved in “gangs and meth.”

Bob Jamison

There is indication that Bobby had sued his father for $10,000 for unpaid wages and that Bob had hit Bobby with a car in 2008. This contentious relationship led to security cameras being installed at the Jamison home.

On the evening of October 8, 2009, Bobby and Sherilynn were caught on their home security cameras packing up their belongings and loading them into their truck. The video is long and some claim that it appeared that the couple is in some sort of daze. They don’t seem to speak to one another and might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The couple also appeared to be severely underweight.

After loading up their belongings, 44 year old Bobby, 40 year old Sherilynn and 6 year old Madyson headed to Red Oak. They took the family dog, Maisy, with them. The drive was about an hour. It was believed that the family was looking to purchase some land in the area to live on. The family was never seen alive again.

Madyson and Maisy

Their truck was found 8 days later. Maisy was inside, malnourished but alive. Also in the truck were clothing, a cell phone with pictures from the trip, Bobby’s and Sherilynn’s wallets, a GPS and $32,000 in cash.

The cash was shocking because both Bobby and Sherilynn were on disability at the time of their disappearance. Bobby had a back injury from a car wreck and Sherilynn had psychological issues.

Sherilynn had fallen into a deep depression after her sister, Marla’s, death. Marla was stung on the tongue by a bee. Sherilynn was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, but did not regularly take her medication.


There was also additional financial strain on the family as they were no longer receiving child support from Colton’s father.

It was also odd that photos from what was assumed to be the day the family went missing were on the cell phone. Some believe that the family did not leave their vehicle willingly.

The bodies of the Jamisons were not found until November 16, 2013. All that remained were bone fragments, clothing and teeth.

Last known photo of Madyson from the cell phone found in the truck

Their causes of death could not be determined, but the three bodies were laying face down in a row. This led to the belief that they did not die of natural causes.

It may never be known if the Jamisons were killed or were part of a murder-suicide by one of the parents. Many suspected Bob who died 2 months after the family went missing. Bob’s brother stated that he had been in the hospital and a rest home when the family disappeared and could not have been involved.

Maisy was adopted by Bobby’s mother.

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