Mary Mallon

June 20, 1909 in New York City… The New York American newspaper coined the term “Typhoid Mary” to describe an Irish immigrant named Mary Mallon who had been sent away to North Brother Island. Mary was the first identified asymptomatic carrier of the bacteria that causes Typhoid. She claimed that she had never had Typhoid… Continue reading Mary Mallon

Brian Wells

August 28, 2003 in Erie, Pennsylvania… A call came into the Mama Mia Pizzeria about 1:30pm. The customer lived on the edge of town. Even though it was near the end of his shift, 46 year old Brian Wells headed out with the order. Brian was born November 15, 1965. He dropped out of high… Continue reading Brian Wells

Ethan Couch

June 15, 2013 in Burleson, Texas… A little before 11 pm, Breanna Mitchell was driving home from work when she spun out on Burleson-Retta Road in a suburb of Ft. Worth, Texas. Neighbor Eric Boyles, his wife, Hollie, and daughter, Shelby, went outside to see what had happened. Breanna used a cell phone to call… Continue reading Ethan Couch

Richard Parker

May 19, 1884 in Southampton, England… The Mignonette set sail for Sydney, Australia. The boat was docked in England, but had been purchased by an Australian. The only way to get it to its new home was to sail it there. The Mignonette was not meant for long voyages and the new owner, John Henry… Continue reading Richard Parker

Mary Toft

September 27, 1726 in Surrey, England… Servant Mary Toft, 25 years old, was in labor. She and her husband, Josh, had a child already, but this pregnancy was very different. In August, Mary showed all the signs of a miscarriage, but over a month later, she still appeared pregnant and was lactating. Mary’s neighbor Mary… Continue reading Mary Toft

Princess Nori

April 18, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan… Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko welcomed their third child, a daughter. Her grandfather, Emperor Shōwa, decided on the name Sayako. Her official title was Princess Nori. Michiko Shōda was born October 20, 1934 in Tokyo. She married Crown Prince Akihito on April 10, 1959. Her father was… Continue reading Princess Nori

Mitchelle Blair

Warning: This post discusses child abuse and may not be suitable for everyone. March 24, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan… Representatives from a housing authority arrived at a townhouse on the lower east side of Detroit rented by 35 year old Mitchelle Blair and her children. She owed $2,206 in rent and they were there to… Continue reading Mitchelle Blair