Louise Ogborn

On April 9, 2004, a call came into the Mount Washington, Kentucky McDonald’s restaurant. A man introduced himself as Officer Scott to the assistant manager, Donna Summers.

Mount Washington McDonald’s

Scott told Donna that one of her employees had stolen a wallet from a customer and gave a description of the employee. Donna identified the description as that of 18 year old Louise Ogborn.

Louise had taken the job at McDonald’s just four months earlier when her mother lost her job. She had finished work for the day when she was asked if she could stay and work a double shift.

Louise agreed and took a short break before returning to work. Scott told Donna that he was sending officers to the restaurant, but Louise needed to be detained and searched as soon as possible.

Donna took Louise to the manager’s office and told her to remove her clothing. The clothes were put in a bag and placed in Donna’s car per instructions from Scott.

Surveillance Video Footage

Louise was given a McDonald’s apron to cover herself. The apron was small and it was very cold in the office. Kim Dockery, another assistant manager, was called into the office to witness the search.

The three remained in the office for approximately an hour before Kim left for the day. Donna needed to get back to work, but was told by Scott that Louise couldn’t be left alone. Donna called for Jason Bradley, a cook, to come to the office.

When Donna left the office, Scott ordered Jason to take the apron off of Louise and describe her body to him. Jason refused and left the office.

Donna returned to the office and Scott asked her if she was married. She said that she was engaged. Scott asked her if she trusted her fiancé to watch Louise. She said that she did and called him.

The fiancé, Walter Nix Jr., drove to the restaurant and agreed to watch over Louise. Scott told Walter to remove the apron and describe her to him. Walter did.

Walter Nix Jr.

Louise was instructed by the men to dance and do jumping jacks to prove that she didn’t have any stolen merchandise hidden inside her. Walter was told to sexually assault Louise to prove that she wasn’t hiding stolen items.

Scott told Walter to have Louise sit in his lap and kiss him saying that if she had consumed drugs or alcohol, he’d smell or taste it. Louise refused. He was instructed to spank her. Walter did, leaving marks.

Scott told Walter to have Louise perform oral sex on him. Donna returned to the office multiple times in the 2 1/2 hours that Walter was with Louise. She was always covered by the apron when Donna returned, but the entire ordeal was caught by surveillance cameras.

Surveillance Video Footage

Walter needed to leave to go to work, but Scott demanded that Donna find another man to replace him. Donna found Thomas Simms sitting in the dining room. He was a maintenance man for the restaurant. He was not on duty, but agreed to watch Louise.

Walter left and returned to his home where he immediately called a friend and confessed to having done something terrible, but he didn’t tell the friend what he had done.

When Scott began to give Thomas similar instructions to the ones given to Walter, Thomas refused. He told Donna that this didn’t seem right. Donna called her manager who advised her that the call was a scam.

When Scott realized he’s been found out, he hung up. Someone used the *69 service to call him back and wrote down the callback number.

Louise was given a blanket and told that she could go home. She asked if she would be required to work her shift the next day. Donna told her to take all the time she needed. Louise never returned to that McDonald’s.

Louise Ogborn

The police were called and, after reviewing the videos, Walter was arrested. Donna broke up with him.

Police quickly discovered that this wasn’t the first phone scam like this. This wasn’t even the first McDonald’s that was called. The scam had been going on for a decade.

This call was traced to a pay phone in Panama City, Florida. The perpetrator had used a calling card. A surveillance video from a Walmart in Panama City showed a man wearing a prison guard uniform purchasing the calling card used during the crime.

He was also seen at a Walmart in Massachusetts purchasing a calling card that was traced to other scam phone calls. Police contacted the security firm featured on the man’s uniform. They identified him as David Stewart.

David Stewart

David, a married father of 5, was arrested. He denied his involvement and claimed that he had never even owned a calling card. A search of his home found a card that could be linked to a similar phone call to a Burger King in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

David was sent to Kentucky to face charges of soliciting sodomy and impersonating a police officer. In 2006, he was acquitted. He is the main suspect in similar phone calls across the country and once he was arrested, the phone call stopped.

Donna was fired from McDonald’s for violating company policy and was arrested for unlawful imprisonment. She was sentenced to one year of probation.

Walter was given a plea deal in his trial and was sentenced to 5 years in prison for beating and sexually assaulting Louise.

Louise sued McDonald’s for failing to protect her. She claimed that McDonald’s was aware of the other scam phone calls and did not properly warn or train managers to deal with them. Donna also sued the company. Both women won their lawsuits.

Louise Ogborn

Other similar phone calls that David was suspected of making include:

1999-A 17 year old employee was strip searched by a manager at a Burger King in North Dakota. He also spanked her.

2000-A manager at a McDonald’s in Kentucky stripped for a customer. The employee was told that the man was a sex offender and would be arrested when he approached her.

2003-A 19 year old employee was strip searched in the bathroom of a McDonald’s by her manager in Georgia. Another employee performed a cavity search looking for drugs.

2004-A manager at a Sonic restaurant was instructed to strip search and perform oral sex on a cook. The manager was 16. The cook was 21.

All of these people claimed that a police officer called their place of business and instructed them to commit these acts in order to aid police in the arrest of a criminal employee or customer.

These incidents resulted in several lawsuits, but David was never indicted for any other phone call.

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