Louise Ogborn

On April 9, 2004, a call came into the Mount Washington, Kentucky McDonald’s restaurant. A man introduced himself as Officer Scott to the assistant manager, Donna Summers. Mount Washington McDonald’s Scott told Donna that one of her employees had stolen a wallet from a customer and gave a description of the employee. Donna identified the … Continue reading Louise Ogborn

Meiwes/Brandes Cannibalism Tape

March 9, 2001 Bernd Brandes traveled from Berlin, Germany to Rotenburg to meet Armin Meiwes. The two had been chatting on a forum for cannibals. Bernd Brandes Armin had been obsessed with eating another person since childhood.  He placed an ad on the internet looking for someone who wished to be eaten.   Bernd responded. … Continue reading Meiwes/Brandes Cannibalism Tape