Anthony Omari

Anthony Omari lived with his mother at the Faraja Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya.

Anthony was the custodian at the facility and helped his mother, who runs the home, with the children. The kids there call her “Momma.”

Momma and 2 children from the orphanage

The home provides not only a place to live and food to eat for abandoned or orphaned children, but also provides them an education and medical attention.

On January 23, 2012, the children’s home was providing for 37 children. Anthony and his mother were struggling and on edge because the building had been broken into 3 times that month.

On one of these occasions, Anthony had thrown a hammer at one of the intruders. It hit him and scared the men off.

It seemed that they wanted revenge when he and 3 of this friends broke into the children’s home on January 23. They made their way straight to Anthony’s room and were standing over him when he woke up. The men were holding machetes.


Anthony grabbed his hammer and fought off the intruders. One of the men threw his machete at Anthony. He ducked and it missed him.

Anthony charged the men with his hammer who ran out the front door. As he fought the men on the front lawn, the children gathered at the front door to see what was happening.

Anthony heard them crying and retreated to the house to assure them everything would be okay and usher them back inside. As he turned back to the intruders, one of them hit Anthony in the face with his machete.

Anthony Omari

Anthony fought the men away from the door with his hammer. He shut and locked the door before passing out inside the house.

Anthony’s story made it all the way to Pennsylvania where Ben Hardwick, a student at Penn State, created a post on Reddit and a GoFundMe to buy the children’s home a new fence.

Supporters from all over the world donated over $80,000 to Anthony and his mother. They used the money to build an 8 foot fence and for other security measures, including 2 security guards.

Faraja Children’s Home

They also bought new beds for the children.

With the children’s home secured, Anthony went to school and is now a civil engineer and has a family of his own.

He visits his mother and the children every weekend.

Anthony now

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3 thoughts on “Anthony Omari

  1. Talk about a truly heroic story with a refreshing resolution. Anthony and Momma are sincerely honest role models that were able/continue to pave a way of love and light for others, including the unfortunate, no matter their own fortune or fate. We could all take a cue, especially in these uncertain times.

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