Amar Bharati

Amar Bharati was a married man with 3 children living in India until 1970. One day he decided to abandon his wife and children, quit his job and dedicate his life to Shiva.

Shiva is a Hindu deity. He is known as the destroyer and is the primary being in Shaivism. He is the creative power and energy of Vishnu and Brahma.

In 1973, Amar still felt too connected to the material world, so one day he raised his arm. And he left it there.

Amar Bharati

His arm has been raised for the last 47 years. Amar said that the process was very painful in the beginning, but eventually, the pain faded.

Now his arm has atrophied and cannot be lowered. His arm looks misshapen compared to his left arm and he does not trim his fingernails.

Amar’s hand

Other Hindu leaders have followed Amar’s lead. One has had his arm in the air for 25 years.

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One thought on “Amar Bharati

  1. I feel like I’ve heard this story before. Even if you don’t relate or have a different perspective, there’s something to be said about becoming less materialistic. It seems many people in some kind of form or other try to seek themselves spiritually. Sometimes in ways one may not fathom, but as long as it benefits your journey and doesn’t harm another, who’s to judge? There are so many ways to live and only you have the power to transform your own being.

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