Michelina Lewandowska

May 2011 in Huddersfield, England…

27 year old Michelina Lewandowska was preparing for a shopping trip with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, 27 year old Marcin Kasprzak. The couple had been engaged, but had broken it off. Michelina decided to wear her engagement ring that day. It would be a decision that would save her life.

Marcin showed up at the house, but instead of taking her shopping, he tased her, bound and gagged her and put her lifeless body in a cardboard box. With the help of his 18 year old friend, Patryk Borys, he shoved Michelina in the trunk of his car.

Marcin was a wannabe bodybuilder who worked in a meat factory and was addicted to anabolic steroids.

The couple had a 3 year old son named Jakub. He was with his grandmother on the day of the attack. Michelina broke off their engagement shortly after his birth. The couple continued to to get back together and break up for the next 3 years.

At the time of the attack, the couple was living together, but Marcin had heard rumors that Michelina had finally had enough and intended to take Jakub and move back to her home country of Poland.

That’s when Marcin decided that Michelina was better off dead than in another country with his son, so he called her up and asked her to go shopping with him. Michelina was surprised, but excited.

Marcin drove Patryk and Michelina (in the trunk) to some woods on the outskirts of town. The men dug a shallow grave and dropped the box containing Michelina’s body in the hole. They covered the box with dirt and put a 90 pound log on top, leaving Michelina in her makeshift coffin to suffocate to death.

Michelina was a quick thinker. She did her best to stay calm and conscious. She knew that if she fought Marcin, he’d kill her.

After she was in the ground, she listened for any indication that Marcin and Patryk were gone, but after 30 minutes, she was concerned about how much oxygen was left and she knew she needed to make a move.

All that she wanted was to get home to her young son. She remembered the engagement ring. She used the stones to cut through the tape around her wrists and then through the cardboard box that she was trapped in. Dirt was falling in on her, but she kept hacking at the box until she was free.

Sure that she was in the box for good, Marcin went to the ATM and stole money from Michelina’s bank account. Then he took Patryk home where the two played video games for several hours.

Finally free from her cardboard prison, Michelina ran to the road and signaled a motorist for help.

Marcin and Patryk were arrested. Marcin claimed that he was only trying to scare Michelina and was going to go back for her.

He was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Patryk was found guilty of kidnapping and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in a juvenile detention center.

A search of Marcin’s home found a stockpile of explosives. After he was already imprisoned for attempted murder, he was sentenced to a concurrent 8 four year terms for the explosives possession.

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