Edward Richardson

Edward Richardson met his wife, Sarah, in 2003. Edward was a 36 year old carpenter. Sarah was a 21 year old hairdresser. The couple married in 2005 and settled in Biddulph, Staffordshire.

Edward Richardson

In 2008, the couple separated and Sarah moved in with her parents. Edward continued to contact her. Sarah ignored him.

In May, Sarah changed her Facebook status to “single.” Edward couldn’t deal with the fact that his wife was moving on.

Shortly after, a girl delivering the newspaper to Sarah’s parent’s house noticed a broken window and saw blood. She called the police.

Sarah was found murdered in her bed with more than 10 stab wounds.

Sarah Richardson

Less than one hour after finding Sarah’s body, the police received a call from Edward. He claimed to have been attacked with a knife and left in the woods.

It was eventually discovered that Edward had broken into Sarah’s home while high on cocaine and killed her in her sleep. Then he tried to kill himself by cutting his own neck. When he didn’t die, but the pain was too much, he flagged down a passing motorist and asked him to call police.

The knife used in the attack

Edward admitted to stabbing Sarah, but claimed amnesia of the actual attack. Police said that he seemed upset to learn that Sarah was dead.

Edward admitted that Sarah changing her relationship status on Facebook had pushed him over the edge.

Edward was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison.

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10 thoughts on “Edward Richardson

  1. Oh geez, another cut and dry sad heartbreaking case. Domestic violence is brutally alive and well. This week in my hometown, an ex-husband murdered his former wife upon learning that she had remarried. Restraining orders or just plan leaving are just the tip of a false sense of security when it comes to such matters. Women shelters etc. have been reporting for decades now that most spousal abuse fatalities happen within the first 6 months of leaving. I can’t wait till protocols, laws, and options better match the knowledge that has been obtained. The current system has yet to be updated enough to reflect any change. All we can do is support/contribute to the cause, and continue to educate/spread truth respectfully till then. I appreciate this blog that continually does so.

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  2. The sentence of only 18 years is a slap in the face as the liberal UK places more attention on rehabilitating the murderer. He had plenty of opportunity to rethink what he was planning on doing. When he smashed the window no alarm went off because there was no alarm. She should have gotten her parents involved in going to the police to get him restrained. How much threats did the cops need to arrest him? People who are initiating a break up need to create a strategy to stay safe and not rely on the other person to act in a sane manner. There was plenty of time to take the action needed to prevent this murder.

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    1. Thank you for visiting!!

      There was a time when relationships were private. Now everything couples do and the status of their relationship is out on the internet for others to see. This might have never happened if it hadn’t been for that.

      I wonder if she ever believed he’d actually do something like that.

      He should never be allowed to walk free ever again.


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