Marvin Gabrion

Marvin Gabrion was born on October 18, 1953. Marvin Gabrion On August 7, 1996, he went with his nephew, Mikey, and Wayne Davis to pick up 18 year old Rachel Timmerman. She believed that she was going to a party. Shortly after picking Rachel up, Marvin kicked Mikey and Wayne out of the car. He … Continue reading Marvin Gabrion

Weird Last Meals Series: Edmund Zagorski

Edmund Zagorski was born December 27, 1954 in Michigan. His family was poor. His father wasn't around and his mother suffered from a brain injury. Edmund had an intellectual disability and dropped out of school. When he met John Dotson in 1983, Edmund was going by the name Jesse Lee Hardin. He scheduled a meeting … Continue reading Weird Last Meals Series: Edmund Zagorski