Philip Markoff

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Philip Markoff was born February 12, 1986 to Richard and Susan Markoff in Sherrill, New York.

Philip Markoff

He wasn’t a popular high school student, but he was intelligent and got good grades. He was on a bowling team and played golf.

Philip attended the State University of New York in Albany. He graduated in 3 years with a degree in Biology. He was accepted to medical school at Boston University.

In 2005, he met Megan McAllister when they were both volunteering at an emergency room. Megan was a couple years older than him and also intended to become a doctor. She asked him out on a date. They were engaged in 2008 and set a wedding date of August 14, 2009.

Philip and Megan

On April 10, 2009, Philip responded to an ad on Craigslist and made arrangements to meet an escort, 29 year old Trisha Leffler, at Boston’s Westin Copley Place Hotel. Philip tied Trisha up with zip ties and robbed her at gunpoint. He stole her debit card and cash.

4 days later, he met 26 year old Julissa Brisman, a masseuse, after responding to her ad on Craigslist. They met at the Copley Marriott. Philip bound Julissa with zip ties. When she tried to escape, he shot her several times. Julissa died that night at the hospital.

Julissa Brisman

On April 16, Philip met Cynthia Melton, an exotic dancer, at a Holiday Inn Express in Warwick, Rhode Island. He tied her up and was in the process of robbing her when her husband knocked on the door scaring Philip away.

Police were quick to link the three crimes. After reviewing security cameras and cell phone records, they located Philip’s apartment complex. After a few days surveillance, they spotted him leaving his apartment.

Philip was arrested on April 20 in Walpole, Massachusetts. He was traveling to Connecticut with his fiancée to gamble at Foxwoods Casino. Philip was charged with Julissa’s murder.

Philip and Megan

Police searched the couple’s apartment. They discovered a gun inside a hollowed-out copy of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, bullets that matched the ones that killed Julissa, zip ties like those used in the crimes and duct tape. Inside Philip’s mattress there were socks filled with women’s underwear. They seized the hard drive from Philip’s computer and found messages he’d sent on Craigslist.

Megan was quick to proclaim Philip’s innocence. NBC News reported that police had been contacted by a man that had placed an ad on Craigslist. Philip had responded in January and sent pictures of himself seeking a meet up. The man eventually quit responding to Philip after being stood up for a meeting. The pictures were confirmed to be of Philip.

Almost immediately after being jailed, Philip attempted to hang himself using his shoelaces. He was transferred to a medical unit and put on suicide watch.


On April 29, Megan called off the wedding, but not the engagement. The next day, Philip tried to slit his wrist with a serrated spoon. Megan broke up with Philip for good in June.

On August 14, 2010, what would have been his one year wedding anniversary with Megan, Philip used a jail-issued pen crafted into a razor to cut the arteries in his legs and neck. He wrote “Megan” in his blood on the wall.

Philip was found in his bed with plastic wrapped around his wounds, a plastic bag on his head and toilet paper in his throat so he couldn’t be revived. The jail officials described it as a “bloodbath.”

Because Philip was the only suspect in the killing of Julissa, the charges against him were dismissed upon his death.

Philip’s Grave

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  1. I remember hearing about this. It makes one ponder, how much do you really know someone? And realize, on one hand, you hear how many victims know their perpetrators. But on the other you have plenty of other predators that treat their family, friends, etc. immaculately, and in the same breath have no qualms about committing unimaginative sins towards unsuspecting strangers.

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